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Our Investment: $0
Minimal Spend: $50
Withdrawal: INSTANT
Status: Not Paying (from 11.01.2021)
Worked: 126 days (started 07.09.2020)
Monitored: 57 days (from 15.11.2020)
Referral: 5%
Plans: 2% on Business daily and 1% on Weekends for 30 Days (Deposit can be withdrawn after 24 hours with 10% commission)
Monitors: ISP


Bitero is a company that started as an idea, around which a team of enthusiastic visionaries was built. This team, consisting of various investing experts, experimented and developed novel frameworks for creating diversified investments with a high return and high security. The most successful frameworks were solidified and functioned (and still do) as the backbone on which this investment platform now known as Bitero was built. We have gathered the brightest minds from multiple fields to guarantee that all our decisions and actions are always backed by experience, analytics, research and calculations. By combining the knowledge and experience of financial trading with the possibilities offered by Blockchain technologies we manage to soar through the financial markets.

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