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Icar Digital is a UK registered investment and management company in the car rental and car sharing business. Car sharing is a type of short-term car rental with a per-minute or hourly rate, usually used for short intercity trips. At the same time, the client does not bear any additional overhead costs. Gasoline, insurance, car wash, service - all inclusive. Car sharing is a socially significant project for regional authorities. According to statistics, one car-sharing car is capable of replacing 10-15 personal cars and unloading roads, which is why local authorities always support entrepreneurs who create such a business. If we talk about the prospects of car sharing on a global scale, then there is no reason to expect a slowdown in the growth of this type of transport. According to some estimates, by 2024 the volume of the car sharing market is expected to grow to $ 16.5 billion with an increase in the number of registered users of car sharing to 30 million people; the average annual compound annual growth rate is expected at 34.8% ‌. According to calculations based on the specifics of the user segment of car-sharing (young educated citizens), in most of the largest cities in the world - both those already served by car-sharing services and not yet having this type of transport - there is a potential for the emergence / development / growth of this type of transport, often in the thousands. cars and thousands of registered users.

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